Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Everything Matters


A mother and her son, walk down the street
The son runs and jumps on a bug
A mother smirks, what does it matter
She gives her son a hug

## A bug doesn't matter ##

A husband is at the bar, making advances at a young girl
My wife is at home, what she doesn't know won't hurt her
Just having a little fun in life
One little mistake, in a life that's just a blur

## So what who cares ##

A car salesman talks to a customer
And he tells a little white lie, to sell a car
You got to do what you got to do
There isn't any harm, best deal by far

## They had to by a car somewhere ##

A young boy learns,value in life is based on size
A cavalier husband, takes little care towards his wife's trust
A salesman learns money is more important than honesty
In truth, in life, there is only one must

## Everything matters ##

Author: Timothy B. Thayer

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Simple Things In Life


The simple things in life
That most of us don't know we're doing
A bee collecting pollen
While we sit there viewing

One day we take our last breath
And we pass to the other side
Those simple things that were doing
Well we'll have to say goodbye

We don't really know what happens
When that time comes to be
All we know is those simple things
We never more will see

Take this time to think
About the future of your life
Are you in control
Or does life control you, like a wind blown kite

Part of knowing lasting peace
That you feel inside
Is having control of your life
Before you reach the other side

So don't waste a minute
Look at the man in the mirror
And tell him it's time to change his life
To be a man to be revered

Open up your soul
And don't put up a fight
For it is time for you
To let GOD into your life

Author: Timothy B. Thayer

Friday, May 21, 2010

They Can't Take Away your State Of Mind


A feeling of appreciation as we wake every day
With the unlimited things that we can do
Places we can go, or what we say
All because of freedom in what ever we choose

But some places in the world that's not the case
They suppress the written word
They control what you say and do
Of which of course is absurd

Lets take this one step further
And this I believe is the truth
It doesn't matter where you live
Or if you take a stand of being aloof

They can take away your freedom
They can tell you how and where to live
They can stop you from reading, or writing, or speaking
Except what they give

But they can't take away your mind or beliefs
Of that I'm sure
Because what is deep down in your soul
Well, that always remains pure

They can not destroy your will
Unless you give it away
And for the rest of eternity
In your mind and soul, free will, will be displayed
Author: Timothy B. Thayer 05/20/2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Never Give Up


I was watching an ant caring a leaf
To it's nest somewhere in the ground
Over and under blades of grass
And rocks it would walk around

The ant came to a pile of sticks
A mountain it must of seemed
It made an effort to climb the pile
An unconquerable obstacle it deemed

But the ant continued to make attempts
To finish it's quest
This little insect knew not how to stop
It would only give it's best

In one of it's attempts, it fell and damaged it's leg
But it still made attempts to climb
It knew not fear and would not give up
The ants quest was on it's mind

We humans should learn a lesson hear
In our quest in life
When facing fears or obstacles
To always stay the fight

For if a tiny ant
Can find the courage to fight
Then we humans, with our beliefs and great knowledge
Should be able to conquer life

Author: Timothy B. Thayer

Monday, May 17, 2010

Souls Across The Universe


Millions of souls stream through the universe
And surrounds the earth above
They're with us constantly
To rain on earth with love

During our confusion with life
Of what is the right way to live
We have a tendency to loose focus
Of what the good Lord so graciously gives

GOD, gives us a choice
Of which way we want to live
He lets us decide
If we want to take or give

To many times we are concerned, only of us
And not of what less fortunate people have
We take, more than we give
That tendency is very bad

We must adhere to the karma of life
And sow what we first reap
This ancient Godly quest
Is a sin if we do not keep

So when you next receive a gift of love
To help in time of need
Remember this gift must be returned
If you expect to be offered GOD's speed

Author: Timothy B. Thayer

1 Love For UV


On May 3rd. of this year
University of Virginia Womens Lacrosse had a loss
And it wasn't to another team
It was a loss of a higher cost

Yeardley Love a player on the team
Lost her life that fateful day
And all of the University's population was sadden
That Yeardley past-away

This past weekend they had a game
In the NCAA plays off's
And it was the womens mission
To win for Yeardley at all cost

The game was very close
Right down to the very end
But all the players summoned their courage
And won the game to help them mend

Quiet heroism we see in life
Yeardley in death, became a notable personage
But her memory will live forever
And she will always be, part of the university's heritage

Author: Timothy B. Thayer

Friday, May 14, 2010



Laying on the ground below
And looking up, without a care
Through the cluster of red maple leaves
With blotches of pale blue sky in the air

You loose yourself in the moment
That GOD has provided just for you
And all those worries of unpaid bills
Simply seem to fade from view

You know this time will not last
For a responsible person has priorities
But your Lord has given you time to rest
Before you return to a life of proper proprieties

For what is life if you can not enjoy
The simple pleasures we sometimes ignore
Till a kindred spirit of the past
Begs us to take the time to implore

At these times of solitude
It is important to reflect
And understand aspects of all of life
The ability to look back in retrospect

Author: Timothy B. Thayer